If you wish to place a Purchase Order (PO) online then follow this steps:

1. Add products with quantity to buy in your cart.

2. When you have finished selecting products, please go to 'My Cart' and enter the Purchase Order number. Alternatively, you can email a copy of the Purchase Order when you received the confirmation email.

3. Complete your address and enter your "SCHOOLSAU" discount code to receive regular free shipping. This code is only permitted if you have a school address as delivery. 

Please also use a school email address, no personal email addresses.

4. Complete your address and follow to the payment method.

5. In the Payment option please select Purchase Order (PO) - PLEASE NOTE ONLY BANK TRANSFER/ CHEQUE IS PERMITTED IN PO. If you wish to use Credit card or PayPal then you will need to pay upfront.

6. Before clicking on 'Complete Order', please check products, quantities and cost of goods as well as shipping charges to ensure all is correct.

Hooray, your order is completed and you will receive order confirmation in your email.