How to Update your Firmware via

Using this simple online tool (no need to install software), you will be able to connect directly to databot™’s ESP32 processor and flash new firmware to it .  Each time we add a new feature, for example we add on support for an external sensor, or a coding environment, it typically changes the firmware.  You can check your current firmware version using the System Check experiment on Vizeey™. The process to update your firmware is simple:

  1. Plug in your databot to your computer and make sure it is turned on.
  2. Connect to it through the panel below by clicking on Install and looking for the device.
  3. Select the latest firmware version, and upload!
OS: We recommend using a PC with a current version of Windows on it as the drivers are likely to be installed and this process is super smooth! If your system is not able to communicate with databot™ you may need to install the drivers so skip to the section below with links to the hardware drivers.
Time: Updating the firmware takes about 2 minutes per databot™ but once updated no further changes are required until new firmware is required.
Updates: We will notify users in our regular email updates whenever there is a firmware change and how it will improve your databot™ performance.